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Everyone and anyone can become a blogger, but being a successful blogger and one that has many followers and makes money is much tougher. Some bloggers are happy for their blog to not earn them any financial gains and view it as a chance to express their views and opinions, in which case they measure success through having a large number of followers who regularly engage with their blog. Others, however, measure their blog’s success through the amount of money it generates for them.

However you are planning to measure your blog’s success, here are some tips that will help you to become a successful blogger.

What type of blogger are you?
First you need to decide what type of blogger you are. Do you love food and want to share your passion for food with people – if so you are a food blogger. Alternatively you might live and breath fashion and accessorizes, in which case you would be a fashion blogger. Or you might be a business owner who wants to use your blog to market your business and its website, in this case you are a business or CEO blogger. Once you know the type of blogger you are this will help you to decide what to call your blog, the design of your blog and the type of content you will post onto your blog.

Writing great content
The main part of being a successful blogger is by regularly updating it with great content. The content will determine the sort of blogger you are, however whatever type of content you post it must be unique, engaging and of interest to your target readers. Another key to successful blogging is regularly updating your site, there is no point in posting everyday for a week and then nothing for a further three weeks. Instead you should set up out a schedule for the days you plan to update your blog, this will help followers to know when to check your site for new content plus it helps you to keep updating your blog regularly.

Networking and marketing
Once you’re blog is full of great content and updated regularly, you can start marketing and networking. This is an important part of successful blogging because no matter how great the content is no one will be able to read it if they don’t know it is there. Network with other similar bloggers by connecting with them on social media and regularly posting positive comments on their blog, they will soon start returning the favour. You can market your blog by ensuring that you share posts on your social media sites, this will help to drive extra traffic to your blog.

How to earn money blogging
Many new bloggers wonder how does blogging make money? The most common is by accepting guest posts for a price, these are usually written by marketing and PR professionals looking to promote their clients. Alternatively, you can offer to do reviews of products, which although might not earn you money will usually mean you getting free products. Another way bloggers earn money is by being sponsored by certain brands or companies, this usually means writing positive blogs about the company along with featuring a banner promoting the brand.

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